Beautiful Before And After Bathroom Remodels

Before-and-after remodel photos are inspiring because they nail home the fact that yes, this can be done. If someone else turned their dismal bath into a place of joy and pleasure, you can too.

About This Bathroom, over at the design blog Addicted 2 Decorating, was not at all addicted to her dull hallway bathroom. She began by ripping everything out of the bathroom, resulting in 39 contractor bags of tile, mortar, wood and glass that went straight to the landfill.

With the bathroom walls and floor open, Kristi began the bathroom remodel, accomplishing about 90% of it all by herself. While she did hire a plumber, she admits that she could have done the work herself if she’d had the time. This remodel is a case study in DIY.

One of Alice Dubin’s friends said that it would be, “A crime against Los Angeles,” to renovate her 1930s Art Deco era bathroom. But then again, it wasn’t the friend who had to live with the, “stinky plumbing and cracked tile,” as Alice puts it.

Alice completely gutted the bathroom but did what is commonly called a “sensitive remodel:” retaining the feel of the original while updating it functionally. The result is a light-filled bathroom with vintage-inspired floor tiles, subway tile, a Caesarstone tub and countertops, frameless shower and tons of other fantastic touches.

In the end, Alice rhetorically asks, “Was our 1930s bathroom remodel a ‘crime against Los Angeles’ or a respectful upgrade?” Definitely the latter.

When ReBath of Illinois was contracted to remodel this bathroom, they were confronted a conundrum. It was a fully functioning bathroom that basically had nothing wrong with it except for one thing: it felt drab and dated. What to do?

Rebath of Illinois made the bathroom feel airier and lighter by switching out the old pre-fabricated stall-style shower with a frameless glass shower. Frameless showers allow a maximum of light to pass through — a bonus for small spaces.